Blog kick off!

We want to hear from you…

Please email us or drop a post to us on FB/IG with topics you want covered pertaining to disability.

Maybe you’re able-bodied and you have questions about the population suffering with physical impairments… how to provide help without being offensive… whether to start a conversation in public with them about their illness/injury or employ small talk… if it’s taboo to offer to help… how the process of prosthetics goes and associated challenges… terminology clarification (inclusion, adaptive, able-bodied, etc)… stages of grieving with respective approaches for helping a loved one during them… etc.

Perhaps you are a person with a disability and have questions about how to go about asking for help… how to react to staring, uncomfortable questions, and accessibility issues… resources for holistic care or alternative pain management strategies… foundations and grants available to offset costs… etc.

Whatever it may be, we want to help bridge the gap of knowledge to enhance understanding and comfort on both sides of the fence. We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy holidays,

Less Leg More Heart